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About Timber Phoenix

Over 25years experience in management

With 3 generations working in the wood business, Timber Phoenix is not only continued to be a trader, but has expanded to serve our customers better. Timber Phoenix now is developed to be a manufacturing trading company.
At Timber Phoenix, our customers find a wide range of services.
We distribute imported logs and lumber.
We offer sawmill services, professional wood treatments including use of our pressured dipping system capable of treating lumber up to 6000mm long, and precise kilns with capacity up to 45 cubic meter in each kiln.
We also supply NHLA graded lumber at competitive prices.
With a complete line of manufacturing equipment, we produce high quality flooring, furniture, and furniture components.
Along with all listed services, we also have a finishing line of UV/PU/NC that will put our customers at ease once their products are protected by our durable coatings.
The New Era of Quality and Service.

Our services

A one stop shop for your project. We have the most up to date equipment and skilled labors to help crafting your products.

Pressured Dipping and Kiln Drying

Pressured dipping treatment against wood decay and insect attacks, or even to lighten the wood color. our system can serve logs and lumber length up to 6000mm. A computer operated Kilns system of 19 kilns to monitor and provide the most accurate treatments for every species being Dried at our facility.
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Sawing - Cutting wood

We offer sawmill services as cutting logs to customers’ specification.
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Wood Manufacture

Timber Phoenix provides professional services of Wood manufacturing.
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Wood Flooring

Timber Phoenix owns a complete line of high standard equipment to run the products smoothly and accurately consistently.
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The New Era of Quality and Service

  • DEDICATED: We always take the expectations of our customers as our standard. We provide the most economical solutions and methods for partners.
  • HONEST: We consult truthfully, completely with detailed information that benefits partners and optimizes products.
  • EXPERIENCED: Our team members have over 100 years of experience combined in handling and processing precious wood.
  • PRESTIGIOUS: With a long-standing reputation in the industry, Timber Phoenix has been trusted to be partnered  in projects.

Our feature products

Table top Sanding Machine. We have a sanding machine that is capable of sanding wide slabs with diameter up to 1200mm.


Call us: (+84) 028 3636 7046


Call us: (+84) 028 3636 7046


Call us: (+84) 028 3636 7046


Call us: (+84) 028 3636 7046


Call us: (+84) 028 3636 7046

Call us: (+84) 028 3636 7046

Call us: (+84) 028 3636 7046

Call us: (+84) 028 3636 7046